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Moquegua city is located at the Southern East in Peru, capital of the Moquegua Department and Mariscal Nieto Province, located at 4.63 ft.o.s.l. or 1,410 mt.o.s.l. in the occidental slope of the Andean Mountain Range, on the coastal valley of the Moquegua River.

Moquegua is a very good option to escape and relax. It is a city that is keeps its traditional roofs of ridge. It is very quiet as well as comfortable and its people are very kind. A particular feature in its Main Square is a small basin originally from Paris and designed by Gustavo Eiffel. If you love the nature, Moquegua countryside is an excellent choice, a stone pathway provides tranquility. Its excellent climate is one of its much appreciated characteristics but perhaps the local pastry is one of the good things of the land that people enjoy the most. Its gentle combination of flavors and aromas make it special. ‘Los guargueros’ and ‘alfajores de penco’ are highly recommended. Moquegua locally produce spirits like pisco, one of the best in the country, and one made of damson.

Source:Promperu, Wikipedia

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