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Who we are

We are a solid Company, with over 53 years of experience in the interprovincial overland passenger transport market. We are clearly committed to your service, paying special attention to comply and exceed with the highest QUALITY, SAFETY, PUNCTUALITY AND COMFORT standards. We are part of the Ibarcena group, which lead successful business in different fields.

Constant Innovation

We are committed to offer a quality service, paying special attention in the innovation as well as to our equipments and systems technological improvement.

Comfort and Safety

At the present Cruz del Sur has a fleet of comfortable and safe busses for the following services: Crucero Suite, Crucero Tour Perú e Imperial Tour Perú, with daily departures. In addition, over 50 agencies are the faithful reflexion of our Company solidity and leadership. We cover 75% of the Peruvian territory.

Our company leadership is sustained by the attributes of , safety, Punctuality,Comfort,which are the result of our experienced and quality service.

We have 53 years of experience.

CRUZ del SUR success is the result of continue innovation, planning, creativity and development of our services, with untiring zeal determination of always supporting our philosophy and mission: customer satisfaction.

We are an organization committed to
your service
The success of CRUZ DEL SUR is the result of a constant innovation, creativity and team work in order to reach our goal of customer satisfaction.
  • Satellite monitoring to the entire fleet Cruzero, Imperial Tour Peru (GPS): This lets you control, 24 hours a day, the location, speed and scheduled stops en route.
  • Permanent communication with the bus during the trip.
  • Double front axle:Reduced by half weight supporting the front wheels, doubling the bus safety and stability on the steering shaft.

More destinations

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Registry of Claims
Registry of claims
Lima - Arequipa
Agencia: Javier Prado
Fecha: 15 May 06:30
Av. Javier Prado Este # 1109 Urb. El Palomar
Telefono: 311 5050
Agencia: Ica
Fecha: 15 May 11:00
Av. Javier Prado Este # 1109 Urb. El Palomar
Telefono: 311 5050
2hrs 30min
Agencia: Arequipa Terrapuerto
Fecha: 16 May 08:00
Av. Javier Prado Este # 1109 Urb. El Palomar
Telefono: 311 5050
Asiento Insuperable