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Cruzero Suite

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Extra large VIP seats
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This service includes
  • Two level bus with 39 seats, 12 VIP seats in the first platform and 27 in the second one.
  • VIP seats with 160° seat reclining angle. Safety belts in all the bus seats.
  • Newspaper of the day (going from Lima to provinces, from Monday through Friday "Publimetro", Saturday, Sundays and holidays "Peru 21" or "Magazine" issues.
  • Land hostess service on board during your bus travel.
  • Lunch, dinner or breakfast, according to schedule.
  • Food selection: red meat, poultry, vegetarian or child menu, four hours before your ticket purchase.
  • Personal headphones to allow you to choose music, TV or films.
  • LCD screens
  • Acclimatized bus (AC and heating)
  • Individual reading lamps
  • Travel kit includes blanket, pillow and wipes.
  • There are two bathrooms chemically treated, one on each floor, just to be use as urinary
  • Bingo game depending on the departure time
  • We guarantee perfect physical and psychological state of our bus drivers, who have four hours shifts each time along the route.
  • Medical routine evaluation and control and prevention of alcohol consumption to the crewmembers
  • Control of passenger’s identification, metal detector, safety belts in each seat and video monitors recording to our passengers.
  • The best bus maintenance program

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Registry of Claims
Registry of claims
Lima - Arequipa
Agencia: Javier Prado
Fecha: 15 May 06:30
Av. Javier Prado Este # 1109 Urb. El Palomar
Telefono: 311 5050
Agencia: Ica
Fecha: 15 May 11:00
Av. Javier Prado Este # 1109 Urb. El Palomar
Telefono: 311 5050
2hrs 30min
Agencia: Arequipa Terrapuerto
Fecha: 16 May 08:00
Av. Javier Prado Este # 1109 Urb. El Palomar
Telefono: 311 5050
Asiento Insuperable